Crash report

GUID: e8cc96f7-a302-472c-82d0-f09b3bf80160
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I’d recommend you lower your ‘Worker Thread’ count within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu down to 6. This should sort it out.

Yes you’ve comment on a previous random crash report about how i should lower my work threads. currently I’ve set my number of work threads to 4 (which is lower than 6). Did the crash report suggest the game was using more than 4 threads?

also should i raise my number of threads from 4 to 6?

thx :smiley:

Is there any benefit at all to going over 6 worker threads if your CPU can handle it, or is 6 optimal?

I get this, and it wont go away untill i restart my computer. Happens in almost every game.

GUID: 89414d7e-ff37-477f-ae58-cf89e7f454b2
Log File:
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Oh, I see! I’m not able to see your specific Worker Thread count, only the overall count for your CPU. :slight_smile:

I don’t believe upping it to 6 would cause any harm, 6 seems to be the magic number.

If that was unsuccessful then I suspect something else is at play here. Please run through the solutions here:

If your CPU can handle it and is adequately cooled, upping it shouldn’t be a problem. However, for most beefy Ryzen CPUs we always recommend a count of 6, as anything higher seems to result in Access Violation crashes.

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