KNOWN ISSUE: 'Worker Thread' Count Default Too High, Potential Performance Impact

10:04:15.066 [Crash Reporter] LOGGER OPENGUID: 4c136911-0ad0-48f6-af96-62baecf1817b
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crashify://4c136911-0ad0-48f6-af96-62baecf1817b . My game can only run on 1 working thread, anything higher my game crashes almost instantly, after this update i can get a minute into a mission then i crash. 2 working threads crash 100% of the time and i play on steam, crypticpurge. I crash even when im just running around not in a mission. i run a i9-10900k, 3080ti and 32gb ram.

Set swap file to SSD. if 16gb ram then 16gb swap file. If 32gb then 32gb swap file. A friend helped me


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still stuck at 1… else its ALWAYS a crash… might go a minute… might go 3 minutes… but always ends in crash an stupid error reporting window… This will happen if I am on a mission… or just standing around in the meat grinder test area… or just the HUB itself…

this needs to be addressed 100%, I have my Worker Threads set to 1 at the moment cause if I change it to anything other than 1, they all crash while playing eventually, but with it set to 1 I have yet to crash at all I have about 40 hours with 0 crash’s I lose frames but at least I have no crash’s.

CPU - Ryzen 7 3800X OC 4.40 GHZ