Against the Grain blurry ground textures

Hi, the problem occurs only on Against the Grain map, and only on a sloped ground in couple locations on the map. It really looks shitty. I am on steam and have verify the integrity of game files 2 times with no problems, have newest nvidia drivers and don’t really know what to do more to fix it. Do i need to replace the crappy texture manually? I don’t want to reinstall whole game…
Please have a look:

Thank You.


I have the same problem, but it looks even worse on my pc, probably because I have an old graphics card. Those textures really do stand out from the rest of the map and are quite jarring. A few months ago they looked fine.

Well my graphic card isn’t old (Nvidia GTX1660 Super) so it can’t be it. It looks like level of detail problem? Game forgets to replace far away blurry texture with detailed when player gets close. But i’m just guessing here.

Same problem on ps4 since a few days. Plus the enemies don’t appear fully textured, the slave rats look like modeling clay at times…

I have an RTX 3090 and have the same textures. I think this is since they reduced the game size, they probably played around some textures, including those rocky ones.

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