Lower the height of grain

It’s so dumb that people who play on higher graphic settings play at a disadvantage because they can’s see any rats at the start of Against the grain, while people on lower settings have no problems whatsoever because the field is basically empty.

This may be the cause of most wipes at the start of the level. I don’t want to change options just for this map…


LOLOL Too funny

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hahahaa sorry this is the fun of the map. seeing rat heads bob up only to give you clues to where they are. you obviously don’t want to be fighting hordes in the wheat fields, that’s just bad positioning.

To be honest, grain should just be permanently trampled/displaced as pawns move through. It’s grain, not bamboo.
It could end up looking terrible though.

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i wanted to burn the whole field with sienna (with Damian Marley ft. Skrillex - Make it Bun Dem in the background farcry3 reference)

watching it erupt in flames with all the ratmen inside it writhing and dying in agony would be a FINE sight.


It’s really fine if everyone plays on low settings because you see everything. Plenty of room to kite the horde and kill the boss.

It’s just really hard to coordinate with your PUG team if you all see different things. Same with Hunger in the dark map. Play at low settings and the “dark” part is suddenly very well lit.

That’s the whole POINT of the grain, you’re not supposed to be able to see far / at all depending on where at (or if you’re a dwarf). It’s an amazing mechanic and Fatshark should not change it!

It’s true you can lower your graphics to see better, but that’s an exploit, and one Fatshark can’t really fix - minimal graphics settings make things look different, and not all of the changes are good (for example on minimum settings you can’t see Sienna’s beam so it’s easy to run into it and FF yourself). Not to mention the game looks terrible on minimum settings compared to max - do people really want an edge for part of one map so much that they lower their graphics for it? What ever happened to playing for fun and challenge?

Honestly the type of people that lower their graphics just to make part of one map easier are the type of people I don’t particularly enjoy playing with.


this goes along with the posts that are crying about how flamethrower/fire effects are totally blocking out or flashing the screen, or how the audio fades in and out with a doppler effect when you get a critical strike with your character screaming out in adrenaline.

the few things that make the gameplay fun and immersive but are going unappreciated by some

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The main problem is the disparity between what you and what your team sees. If someone plays on low, because they want constant 100fps or because they have a lower end PC, they are very comfortable retreating in to the grain. For someone else it’s a death sentence. Again same thing with light on some maps. I for one prefer the gate as a holdout spot on Righteous stand map. One of my friends however says its way too dark for him, while another friend who’s playing on low doesn’t mind because it’s bright as day in there. Similar things happen on Hunger in the dark.

You can’t have this level of inconsistency in regard of what each player sees on screen, in a game where one small mistake can cost you the game.

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Also, have you tried jumping? It works wonders!

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How does jumping help you spot that assassin or hook rat in the distance, or that 3 rats are sneaking in from the side while you’re fighting something in front of you.

I was half joking, but for real jumping lets you see over the grain for that brief moment so you can scan for those evil ratties.


Have you read what I wrote above?

If someone plays on low, because they want constant 100fps or because they have a lower end PC, they are very comfortable retreating in to the grain. For someone else it’s a death sentence.

It either results in people getting split or people playing at a major disadvantage. Imagine that only half the team can see a patrol. How’s that going to turn out?

i get the point of the thread, that being there are inconsistencies between graphic settings that directly affect how you detect threats.

but, how would you otherwise do it? fatshark wants to give us a nice field of swaying wheat to fight in where enemies may be lurking and you gotta keep on your toes.

the flipside is that people with crappy gfx cards won’t be able to handle much of that, so they tone it down, unfortunately it means that ratty dressing room no longer has curtains and you can see everything.

it’s a give and take.

In all seriousness I get what you’re saying about how the graphical differences can make communication and teamwork difficult. Is there really any way to avoid that, though? some people have awesome computers and play on ultra, some have potatoes and play on minimum, and it’s just going to look way different at either extreme. A lot of visual things have to get sacrificed at minimum settings, no way around that.

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naw that’s exaggerating. a patrol is tall and loud. alot of people don’t get that they move to a spot, wait silently, then return to their patrol in the reverse direction. they can EASILY be seen and heard thru a wheat field.

people normally complain about patrols because they just advance behind a patrol and get shocked when they turn back after a while and get caught in a horde etc.

It’s an extreme example but I was just trying to illustrate how it would affect the decision making of each team member differently. Two players would start retreating while the other two would try to clear the path ahead.

Fatshark made a conscious decision while implementing these levels. They are obviously okay with people having an easier experience by lowering their settings. They could have just made an ugly layer of black material that would represent the grain which would also work on lower end PCs, but they decided against it. In the dark parts they could also just make enemies completely invisible unless they are next to a light source, but again they decided against it.

It would be nice if they than give players an option to just remove these annoyances if they wanted, e.g. trimming the grain down a bit and putting more light sources throughout the dark levels, without having to lower settings, but also allow players to keep these “immersion” settings if they wanted it.

Maybe a mod will give us that…

i vote we increase the height of the grain field, maybe change it to corn. on lower resolution settings the field should be dandelions.


It’s not like the whole level is covered in grain… If you can’t handle it, just go to very right hand side of the grain field and climb the ridge there. Although you will still need to get into the field, It will save you from most of the nasty enemies hiding in the grain and help you to get to the farm more faster.

But man, are you playing this game because you want to feel safe or you want to overcome hard challenges? Going through the grain surrounded by Skaven and Chaos is just one of the challenges that this wonderful game provides you with.

Devs, hire this person immediately!

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