Hardness is back! :)

Good Job Fatshark! but i don’t understand!
The Map Setup are now harter like in Beta! :slight_smile:
(just for me? XD Host Individually? XD some Player today, wonder about this Map Setup :wink:
But why this long why?
Why this Hart Map Setup Nerves after Beta? (with Release?)
And why now change back to like Beta, (but i think is a bit harter as Beta) :slight_smile:

I “Leave” the Game, because was to easy… no fun, no action, no Adrenalin!
Why Changes back to hart mode? because, the Farmer Gamer have now all Red items and dont Player more? so no Crying for hart play… and the Game fine back to the old Spirit…

Why not change the old game style back with add the Cataclysm Difficult?
I dont understand rly the Philosophie with changes…
I hope you dont change back or when you change back, drop this difficult to Cataclysm.

This Difficult make FUN, in hart! but is more Fun! Player train more Concentration, Skill, Tactic, TeamPlay! :slight_smile:

Again: may Suggestion is: Add Cataclysm Mode, or Add like a Star System!
All Difficult with 1-3 Star (Star = extra difficult, more Enemies, more Specials, more Elite)
Version 1.0.0 = 1 Star
Version = 3 Star
Just as Basic Idea…
For Loot: 1 Star = like +1 Dice or so


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What? Comment plz? or Troll report?

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Forgot to take your pills again?


On behalf of all German players and forum users, I want to sincerely apologize for the outbreak of this…specimen.

Tracking it has turned out to be a harder endeavour than initially expected and our team of highly trained SS donkeys is currently very busy evaluating eventual sightings throughout the last week.

Please bear with us, its containment should be following soon and apart from brain damage while reading its nonsensical ramblings, no further harm has been diagnosed so far.
Suffice to say, do not engage with it; you have been warned.

– German Health and Safety Departement for Mentally Ill Vermintide 2 Players


aha insult user and comment are Welcome here… aha

If you have Problems with this, if you cant understand or you have Brain probelms… then easy… dont read and answer… i dont like Internet Fascism thx…

{wow rly, user report my Comment for blocking, hart! this is Internet Fascism… better spend your energy in the Game as in censorship for a English what you dont like and trolling Users}

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Dude, no one’s understanding a word you are saying, that’s the point.


It isnt the same if you dont get downed by a slaverat poking you through three of his other buddies.

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wen du so kluch bist, sag mal warum immer das Mep Setup immer so massiv geändert wird… so @ – German Health and Safety Departement for Mentally Ill Vermintide 2 Players

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Your german doesn’t make more sense, either.

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game hasn’t seemed harder /shrug

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is or was harder the patch
problem is… many player rly dont see the different between 5 and 25 CW on the Map… true but sad…

Prolly cause I just 1 shot them as huntsman, so yeah, I havent noticed any difficulty spikes

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lul at Fascism. Germans pretty much invented it.

aha Germans aha
so you wanna play me with this… you think Germans dont have to use this Word?
and you think i am German, because i can German… aha
GG WP but Fail

this are Double, Tripple Fascism what you and other do here!!!

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Is Like Steam Forum…
If you spend your Energy in my Simple English… and in this Theme as to Troll/Flame… make Comment much more sense!

So many different User Tipe here, but not one write rly about the Thread Theme…

To not understand, is more to not understand the Theme, to not understand the Technical Part… so you can ask direct a Point… easy

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i don’t understand your english, why don’t you just write in german and then we can google translate that as that would be more understandable then reading broken english.

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Your words make less than sense. Seeing as fascism is a form of government, I fail to see how it could apply to a gaming forum. It however does not surprise me that a German would not know what fascism is.

Case in point.

No body has more than a cursory understanding of what you say because you are not coherent.

The game already has a difficulty system, and balancing is involved with getting it to where the developers want it to be. There is no need for a “star system” or other sort of secondary difficulty system.

dat dude.

yeh Difficulty like, Champion, Legend…
my Question is, why are the Difficult inside a Difficult so different?
Maybe you dont see the different…
Why exist like Empty Maps, and liek Full Maps?
ok atm with patch 1.0.8 is the Map Setup more constant…

and about Fascism, not True… is not just a Government thing…this is a like Universal for different thing…

This are just Flaming and Insult, next point is, i not German!
So stop this Racism!
You dont understand things about this Theme and not about Thread Theme, because Difficult and Map Setup… i give you a change with my first Sets… Focus this, is better! Thx

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