After the XBOX update it feels like the Gas rats and Skaven Gunners are spammed

3 skaven gunner in 3 minutes one after another and gas rats spam

I don’t have any problem of that kind during my playing the whole night


So, basically… one special a minute? Which is on the low side.


I don’t see any problem in that, seems legit to me… What map, what difficulty and at what point in the map?

It’s “Engines of war” map . Gas rats appear like 5 - 10 minutes in every couple minutes and
skaven gunners one after another one like 3 in a row back to back

Oh at the “Destroy the Doomwheels” part, right? I think it was easier on PC too before they adjusted the end event difficulties. It is a tough part yes. But listen for my advice:
Stick together as good as possible and take out specials asap (order your range specialists for that) and get the first doomwheel quickly.

For me it seems after the first Doomwheel is destroyed it gets easier. Watch out for plague monks too.

If you follow those 3 steps it should be a lot easier.

I mainly play as Bardin Slayer , so I can’t take out Skaven Gunners, or Fire Rats , I always play up close and personal , I take out hordes easy and really don’t need too much team work , but just like I said bruh , Skaven Gunners and Fire rats are a problem for me sometimes , if the squad is smart and whoever can shoot will spare ammo for those type of enemies , but if the game spams skaven gunners and gas rats and can’t focus on my S***

I am a Slayer Main myself. For those kind of things you have to rely on your mates.
Otherwise you have to pick the Throwing Axes.
With Power vs Armor as Properties you can one-body-shot Fire- and Gunrats.

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Interesting , thank for the tip yo