Adding AMD FSR?

Was wondering what peoples thoughts would be on having FidelityFX Super Resolution added to the game.

I’m of the opinion that it would be highly beneficial since this is a game dependant on reaction speed and if players can get higher framerates that reduces latency.

As far as I’m aware its fairly easy to implement and for those playing at 2k and 4k resolutions the performance uplift can be significant with little loss in image quality, perhaps for some playing at 1080p it could facilitate increases in graphics settings (low>medium or medium >high ect).

Would like to hear peoples thoughts on this.


Is there are world where more frames = bad somehow? Personally big fan of stuff like this and nvidia dlss.


DLSS shouldn’t be that hard to implement, even if FSR should be even easier.
Nvidia said that DLSS basically only needs the same inputs as TAA, which Vermintide uses.

Furthermore, the DLSS SDK is now free to use for all developers, so there isn’t even that stupid requirement to apply at Nvidia to get access anymore.


well to be honest AMD FSR is way better cuz of it’s wide variety of compatible hardware. if the only people that can use dlss need 20 series or 30 series graphics cards they already have all the performance they need to run the game on almost max settings. So AMD FSR is the way to go here vermintide doesn’t support ray tracing so i see no reason for dlss.

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Hmm but the FPS improve with FSR is marginal. You wont see a difference.

Where does this stem from? From everything I’ve read and seen about FSR the fps gains even on 1080p can be in the 10-20% area and it just gets better the higher the resolution you go with.
Best thing yet you don’t need an expensive 20,30 series gfx card from nvidia to use it.

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From different PC sites like PC Gamestar, maybe 1 or 2 months ago. AMD maybe says 10-20% but they say its less than that. Not comparable with DLSS, which grants significantly higher FPS gain.

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I’m no german native so I’m really following only google translate here but even in the gamestar article I could find with quick googling.,3371044.html
It says
Quote: Like its competitor DLSS, FSR also delivers noticeably increased performance. With 4K resolution, epic settings and the ultra quality mode, we achieve 100 FPS, native 70 FPS - this corresponds to a performance increase of around 43 percent.

So you probably need to find some direct article to reference because that to me seems to align with most outlets conclusions.

Only thing you might say is that the tech is not as competitive as DLSS from nvidia, but again FSR works with any card.

youre right, but I am still sure I had read that its significantly worse than dlss in things of quality and performance, especially in lower resolution.
Mainly older graphic cards wont benefit much from it.

Example: fsr off: 60 FPS fsr on: 64 FPS

In case of Vermintide 2 with its awesome fps sinks (Hordes+Monster+Specials) fsr (and dlss) wont be the solution I fear.

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I mean…

Unless you have some kind of outlet to disprove the above, then its just you saying stuff.
Its just not one place having the above trend, tom’s hardware, techpower, techspot etc, nearly all quote 20-40% performance increases.
Tech tubers like linustech also get similar results so … I don’t know what to say. Its clearly boosting performance in every game so far its been implemented and by pretty massive marging too.

If there really is some outlet saying it works badly on older cards then I would honestly love to read it but with my limited research today I for the live of me could not find any reason not to implement this.

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The test is made with a radeon rx 6800xt and amd ryzen 9 5950x thats highend equip.

Sorry I dont have pleasure to look out for the article.
You are free to think whatever you like to.

I mean there are tests made with cards such as 1070 too in other articles, but yeah I’m not going to bother press the point any further especially since you cant be bothered to link the potential articles or other sources saying otherwise.

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