Add Resolution Scale Option

As a gamer who plays on a 2560x1440 screen the option for Resolution Scale is a god send and is in most games I’ve been playing lately. Lowering the scale just a little bit gives such a performance boost and so little loss in image quality that I do it in most games.

Is there any possibility to add this option into the game?

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Try setting it to DX12, 1920x1080, borderless fullscreen.

I play on a 4k monitor with a 1080 and found that 4k hurts my eyes. Those settings seem to scale 1920x1080 for me.

Problem with that is that I have 2 monitors. Putting my game on 1080p mess up my desktop cause it resizes my monitors resolution. (i think that’s the reason). Which happens in both fullscreen and borderless modes and I’d prefer not having fullscreen due to the speed of switching from game to other stuff.

Resolution scale is such a nice feature cause it gives you more control of your resolution than the standard ones. It’s not a crucial thing to have, but it sure is a quality of life thing for me.

I have two 1080p monitors and a 4k. It doesn’t mess with any of my screens when I do this.

The game runs in a borderless window this way.

Give it a shot.

When I put it on borderless Fullscreen it uses my native desktop resolution and I can’t change. Tried switching to fullscreen change the resolution and then put borderless fullscreen. Even though the setting says 1080p it’s still in native resolution. So I have no idea how you managed to put it in 1080p in borderless fullscreen.

Even then… 1080p upscaled to 1440p doesn’t look good. That’s at 75% resolution scale. While the setting resolution scale would make me able to have it around 85-90% which I use in so many other games to gain performance while not losing much visually.

Did you try DX12?

Switching to DX11? Does that make it work?

In the beta only DX11 did this for me. In the full release it became DX12.

tried both.

I also have no idea. It seems to break sometimes like when the game went from beta to full release and I fixed it once by copying over my old VT1 config. I know what it’s doing because in the beta you could see in the bottom left corner what res the game was running at. It must be scaling though because I can alt-tab and mouse to other windows no problem and when my main monitor changes res it messes up my other two monitors (thanks Windows).

Good luck with your problem.

Not really a problem, more of a feature request :slight_smile: thanks tho.