Resolution options?

Where are they? 1360x768 already…

So the launcher now shows a full list of options for resolution, but once i opened the game and started playing, it must have swapped very soon after, or immediately. not sure which. seemed to run smoother like i was in proper resolution for a bit, and then i noticed it was lagging when i was in game… possibly switches when loading a map??

ingame the resolution says: <unlocalized “n/a”:string not found> and theres a list of resolutions starting at 1600x900. My display is a 720p LG tv, that runs standard resolution for 720p which is 1360x768.

ty plz hotfix this again to work =)

keybinds are not saving either??? maybe some type of issue with writing to the profile/settings files?

switching weapons feels not great and doesnt always happen… tied to fps potentially???

tied to fps for sure… feels like fallout 76 sort of and i know in fallout 76, keyboard/mouse command responsiveness severely diminishes if your fps drops below 50 or 45 or so.

really need the resolution options and to be able to know if we are in direct x11 or 12.not sure if this game only uses one version of dx that is forced.