V2 resolution change after crash

This type of crash sometimes happens and after which, Vermintide 2 somehow sets itself to the lowest possible resolution. Can be a pain to resolve for some people.

console-2021-03-21-17.01.02-97daf666-cf2d-4234-bd9a-62ee4c438a54 (External link because > 4MB)
crash_dump-2021-03-21-17.01.02-97daf666-cf2d-4234-bd9a-62ee4c438a54.dmp (801.1 KB)

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Thank you for letting us know, I’ve added this to the database.

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I think you can encounter this while clicking on a second monitor it sometimes put the fullscreen game on window mode and coming back to it sometimes lower the resolution.

The game options also says nothing has changed and you are still in 1920x1080.
You can revert by clicking on the same resolution then apply

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I’ve only a single monitor so that’s probably not the issue for me. While I don’t have a problem getting back to 1080 from 360, I’ve seen a friend having trouble doing that on such a low resolution.

I believe this isn’t necessary a 2nd monitor issue, i’m just too used to changing tab this way, it happend by changing focus to another task.

By that you mean the menu is off center or something ?

Nah it’s just that the resolution was way too small for them to see what they were doing, before realizing you can also change your resolution using the Vermintide launcher.

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