When Using ALT+TAB The Game's Resolution Changes On Resume

When I use ALT+TAB to return to the Windows desktop and then return to the game the game changes resolution. For me it changes to one option lower than my chosen resolution. This happens every time I ALT+TAB and return to the game. It started happening during the original open WoM beta test and continued during the following tests, before then it didn’t happen. The issue was reported on this forum during those beta tests by other users.

I play in “Exclusive” Fullscreen mode (not Borderless Windowed or Windowed).

Currently what I do to fix it is I go in to Options>Display and re-select my preferred resolution (1920x1080).


Update: Going to Options>Display and setting the new option Minimize On ALT TAB to off allows me to ALT TAB without the game changing resolution on its own.

Is anything of you setup that stands out? Are you running with super sampling (using nvidia settings), multiple screen etc?

I’ve tested this quite alot and never recieved anything else than the previous resolution.

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Happens to me on tons of games. Probably because of what Axloss said. I just hit ALT + Enter, the big enter not the Numpad one and it fixes it.

Since I run borderless full screen now though, it doesn’t happen.

ALT + ENTER is expected to be undefined behaviour atm but not ALT + TAB since we control the resolution manually during ALT+TAB but not ALT+ENTER (windows, drivers etc decide for that case).

I have a repro for one case when this happens. I will solve that one and then see if that resolves your issue.

In my case I use Nvidia DSR to supersample the game.

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Getting out from fullscreen always caused this resolution problem since VT1. :slight_smile:

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I do not super sample and I only have a single monitor. I use regular 1920x1080 (native resolution). I use the DX12 version of Vermintide 2 and I disable “Fullscreen Optimizations” in the compatibility options for the executable (I do this for all games).

We have done some changes regarding alt+tab with WoM release

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any way, I’ve done a couple of fixes for a few scenarious were we ended up with wrong resolution.

This will come with next patch I would guess. I hope this fixes your issues.


Yes with that it’s ok now and thanks :slight_smile: (but we had to wait so long :stuck_out_tongue: ) @Axloss we need more quality of life, in everywhere else, really :smile: I’ll post soon on this.

is it resolved for you?

I believe so. Thanks for taking the time to look into the issue. I’ll let you know if it happens again.

great :slight_smile:

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