Vertically stretched graphics on 16:10 Screen

I play on a 16:10 Monitor at 1920x1200 pixels and I’ve recently noticed things looking a little off, as if vertically stretched. Testing it, I’ve found that the game’s resolution actually changes to 1920x1080 when Alt-Tabbing out and back into the game.

Fortunately, exiting and re-entering fullscreen mode reverts the resolution change but it is rather annoying, having to do that every time.

I have attached two screenshots taken one after another. One after Alt-Tabbing out and back into the game and another after hitting Alt-Return twice afterwards.

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Two additional observations:

  1. I’ve had cases where exiting and and entering fullscreen mode did not fix the issue and I had to restart the game.

  2. I have now set ‘minimize on Alt Tab’ to off. This prevents the stretching effect from happening and I just have to re-enter fullscreen mode once, which makes for a somewhat smoother transition back into the game.

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