Add more difficult deeds to veteran, champion and legend or increase difficulty in general

Game is pretty easy but a challenge is one of the features that makes it so much fun! Thank you for giving us a challenging game fat shark! Also, I love deeds but maybe we could have even harder ones? Insanely hard ones?

I’ve got a deed right now that is Legend Skittergate with:
-instant death on knockdown
-no pickups
-elites have 2x health + 2x damage

My friends and I have tried it several times and haven’t even made it through the gate the first time yet… It’s crazy hard and a super fun challenge. Someday we’ll beat it! It’s by far the most challenging one I’ve picked up, the other legend ones have been challenging but we beat them after 5-10 tries. I’d also like to see more crazy ones.

lol thats an epic deed, i love the 2xhealth and damage elites

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