Difficulty Ceiling Needs Raisin'

I’m 200 hours in, and I love the game to bits, but i’m starting to get bored. Legend is a great difficulty when you first unlock it, but with maxed out %'s on all your weapons, and perfect traits for each career, it just isn’t the same. At this point, I’ve got every character to level 30, and have a nice selection of Red’s, but i’m just not interested in grinding the same old difficulty for slightly better items that, at this point, I don’t even need. Deeds can be fun depending on the modifiers, but the good ones are few and far between, and it can be a pain to gather a group to run them.

Would love to see some more challenges beyond legend added the next update. At the very least i’d like to see these small changes:

Sanction the Deathwish mod for the official realm

Add the option to join deeds mid-game, with an indicator in the server browser to identify deed-runs. Or even better…

Make the difficulty modifiers from heroic deeds toggles that you can apply to any match. Deeds could remain as a way to earn extra loot, but if you just wanted the challenge of a deed without having to grind for it, you’d have the option to enable whatever modifiers you’d like during matchmaking. Legend with the tougher elites modifier and more frequent hoards modifier always on would be awesome!


I am holding out hope that they will add a realism mode like that in L4D2. This would change previously gratuitous engagements into interesting fights with a smaller margin for error.

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