Add cosmetic drops to Legend vaults

As it stands, the only way to get cosmetics is through leveling up and recieving commendation chests. The cosmetic drop rate is also very low, less than 3% I think. A level 30 player will recieve a commendation chest at about half the rate of legend vaults, so this already very low drop rate is restricted to leveling up, which is slow for level 30 players. I think the best solution for this is to add cosmetics to the legend vault drops.

There’s actually a poll on this, Results in post, should cosmetics drop from regular mission chests/vaults and not just commedation? Please vote for curiosity's sake

You’re not the first to ask.

Increasing the rate of cosmetics is something that should be done, I agree. But at the moment that is meaningless merely due to the fact that there aren’t a lot of cosmetic items out there, not in the sense that you and I are referring to as cosmetics. Each character has around give or take, five to six hats. You’d think from a glance that is a lot, until you note the fact that each hat is bound to a career.

Now I will not open up that can of worms, but what my point essentially is for people to fully ‘Fashiontide’ themselves, the current content is too lacking. When they do add new cosmetics, which they will, then I’d say they should increase the drop rate of cosmetic items.

People underestimate how much people want to express themselves via games by customizing. It is a big deal, even for people who deny it.

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