Add click and hold fire to all semi-auto guns/melee

I can’t play the game for more then an hour or two as any class besides maybe Psyker because every melee weapon and all of the semi-auto guns need you to click every time to shoot and most can hold 700 rounds at a time and I go though that like it’s nothing the high the level so please fatshark add fullauto to them and make the fire rate just really low but fair it does not need to be anything fancy just a click and hold system would be great.


I advise you to make a macro on your mouse.


“But my carpal-tunnel syndrome!!”

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True, but that doesn’t change that it shouldn’t be required to avoid irl personal injury. If there are too many clicks / dodge slides to perform – that’s on the game.

QoL features like this are supremely underappreciated. Game developers worry so much over content and monetization and player metrics, but basic features like this fall by the wayside even if they have more of an effect than all of those things. I don’t care how great or fun or content rich your game is, I’m going to stop playing it if my hands start to hurt and no amount of incentives will bring me back.

Tbf it´s a bit of design-issue. Those one-click / one-shot weapons highly rely on precision, especially if we look at Vet to keep your ultimate going.
Would be nice to be able to switch on bursts by the use of the special-ability or so if i think about laspistol. The lasguns could have some sort of a loaded shot while holding LMB etc…

I mean, if poeple care more for less clicks than damage output, switching overall would be welcome. But i would like to see it implemented better than just being able to pewpewpew with dozens of recoil stacking while holding LMB.

I play the game using as few shots as I can while playing vet and I still go though ammo like it’s nothing, So I don’t know about you but I think I shouldn’t need to be a professional cookie clicker player hooked on 5 different pain meds just to play the game with out my hand hurting after those 3000 shots a game, But that’s just my thoughts.

I just wanted to point out how it can effect the current design on classes, traits and blessings.

I wouldn´t mind to have alternate options to fire, but i also think that too many poeple rely too much on it where it´s not needed. (Like killing melee elites or a horde.) But even that is just another design-issue, because the ammo-pool is way to high.

Dunno if they find a way to implement more options without dealing with the recoil or while effecting traits / blessings to much in a negative way.

I cant understand any of this. An autoclicker feature would be under appreciated, because its useless. FS allows the use of AHK.

Just use AHK. Zero cost. 5 min of googling.

But rather than doing that people spend as much or more time demanding a useless feature.

You’ve obviously never had a hand injury if you think an autoclicker is useless. But it’s something you wouldn’t understand unless you’ve been through it yourself, like being colourblind.

In any case it wouldn’t take much effort to implement this feature. You don’t actually need to program an autoclicker. At least for guns they could just call weapons semi-auto but make them fully automatic in the code so that they fire as fast as their RoF allows with a single button press. You would still want to use single clicks most of the time because semi-auto weapons tend to have much higher recoil, but now you also have the option of rapid fire without having to stress your hands to maintain full speed.

Implementing this feature into the game itself allows everyone, including console players to make use of it out of the box. The more QoL features you have, the lower you make the bar for entry and the more people will play your game, it’s a simple as that. Weapons with poor ergonomics that force people to click faster than they find comfortable are not a selling point, they can only serve to drive people away.

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I use an autoclicker. A simple one that lets me toggle it with the tab key.

I don’t understand why people don’t just solve their problems themselves. It doesnt matter if “its an easy fix”, or “it wouldn’t require much work from FS”.
There is no guarantee and no need for them to add and maintain such a feature, if everyone is able to get that feature working themselves for free with less time invested than writing a post in the official forum.

People should not be required to download and install third party software to fix issues in your game. It can cause problems with anticheat software, get you banned for ToS violations, exposes your player base to malware risks and wastes your time with bug reports when people encounter problems in the game caused by outside software you have no control over. Yes I know Autohotkey is pretty innocuous but the point stands. If you integrate those features into your game directly you bypass all of those problems as well as benefit console players who cannot install third party software to begin with.

Whether or not they can afford the time to implement something like this is debatable, but it would undeniably improve the quality of the game experience. Darktide is already struggling to maintain viable numbers as it is, the last thing you want is issues that drive people away. Arguing against that fact is a waste of time.