Lasgun semi auto

Hello, as someone who’s had my hand broken at a very young age, and since then I sometimes suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, fast firing semi auto weapons like the kantrael MG IV are very straining. And I have grown very fond of this weapon. But it fires so fast, that I think it could actually be a full auto lasgun. It would be ideal if lasguns could have a full auto and semi auto switch. Which would only affect whether you have to Mash the button or hold it.

I will make a macro, but I shouldn’t have to for this.

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With how they added special attack on guns I see it as a nice idea but not really necessary. Didn’t see this in game fracture before. Can be very cool to switch fire mode.

Sorry for you injury, glad you find way with macros and hope they add this feature.

Did you try “Accatran Mk Vid Recon Lasgun”?
This one is full auto fast firing close-mid range. I got it after lvl 12-14 on my Veteran


Yeah I also think the MG IV should be full auto.

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Did not get that yet, But I did get the precision lasgun, the rifle you can charge up. And that one proves to be quite effective, basically functions like bows in VT. Once charged up, it pierces enemies. I have seen the recon lasgun on someone else though, looks super fun.

Still would be nice for the game to have more play with the semi auto/auto modes. Since holding left click doesnt change the effect with most guns. Like melee does light/heavy attack.

And thanks, hopefully it will fix itself soon, funny enough, the tip of my index finger is completely numb now because of it “my Trigger finger!”