Auto fire setting

Frosty here,

So one thing id love to see is an auto fire setting in the game settings, pretty much the same as in back 4 blood.
Pretty much any semi-auto gun (with a few exceptions looking at you Lucius pattern lasgun) would fire full auto as a quality-of-life feature.
I would love to use the IV Lasgun more and it would be a nice accessibility feature to have for players that can’t click that fast.

One problem I can foresee would be mele. id be fine with not having an auto fire on mele, or having a separate bind for heavy attacks but that might be overcomplicating the feature.

One thing I do ponder is how difficult this feature would be to implement since attacking mechanics in games can be coded in strange but interesting games (if any devs read this post just out of curiosity, how much of a challenge would this be to have it be implemented?)

Now rant time, please ignore my personal pet peeve of mine
The game mentions clips instead of Magazines, but that’s entertainment media in general haha.

Now ya’all have a wonderful day,


This would be a very welcome addition, my arms were aching after a few hours of playing when I was leveling my Veteran, getting to the Recon Lasers was a relief to say the least.

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I’d really like this as well. I would use the MGIV Kantrael quite a bit if it this were an option but I just stick with the XII because it’s the slowest.

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Yeah i rember seeing someone who had carpal tunnel was asking if useing an auto clicker would be an bannable offence, auto fire would be an great feature for them.