Add full auto to the Kantrael guns

i have no idea who to contact for this issue, but im going to put it out there- i have 0 reason to be clicking as much as i have to for the normal pattern of lasgun. they already have a different profile of shooting altogether than the accatran pattern and having them be by default full auto would by no means make that other pattern obsolete.


It would… Accatran does 40-100 dammage per shot (depending on MK) and the Kantrael can easily do up to 300 dammage per shot… Add full auto to it: You just broke the game.

You want a machinegun with full auto fire? Go Accatran but accept lower dammage per shot
You want firepower? Go Kantrael but accept lower rate of fire.

And last but not least. The Kantrael pattern of lasgun just does not have a full auto version according to the lore.

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I think he’s just asking to be able to hold down the fire button.

Even if you consider it “full auto”, it would be like comparing a grease gun to an MG42.

I would personally like this option too as unloading into a horde really gives my finger a workout, and I’d prefer to stave off CTS.


Full Auto doesnt mean the Rate of Fire Increases.
So there would be no Difference between someone just Hammering the Fire Button and the Gun being Full Auto.
Well. Aside from much reduced Mouse Abuse.

keep at same ROF, but switch it to Full, when holding left click just that the weapon will keep firing, no need to destroy my left click button

Am in favor, but as a click option on the weapon page.

Personally I just use a ‘click over and over’ mouse button.

this is exactly what im saying. thats what i meant when i said “profile of shooting” it shoots at a particular maximum rate, with a certain impact, at a particular recoil. making it full auto strictly as it pertains to not clicking over and over would be best IMO. (if you wanna hit singular targets with the slow one just feather the trigger)

yes i agree it should be an option, but as a quality of life thing not all people have that sort of mouse, i certainly dont. with that being said. does anybody know who to speak to here on the forums to get that request sent?

These are the official forums, think you just did, if you are worried go to ‘gameplay feedback’ and put it there.

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ture enough. im just not certain it’ll be noticed fully, same problem with gameplay feedback

1: thats not what im saying, i want to preserve the kantraels rate of fire and recoil. thats why i mentioned its firing profile

2: accatran does not have the same impact as kantrael, again thats what im saying when i say firing profile

3: yes it does, you pulled that out of your bum


Highly agree. I have this gun on my psyker and everytime I play it, my mouse hand is crippled for half an hour. I’d be even worse if I was playing Vet. I don’t want it to shoot faster, I just don’t want to press the button so many times.


Listen to the man fat shark. My finger is killing me! Make it full auto.

You can just use any AHK script to turn on full auto. As far as I know those scripts are allowed to be used by everyone.

SetMouseDelay 1
If (GetKeyState(“LButton”,“P”)=0)

Download and install AHK. Create a .txt file on your desktop. Copy the script into the text file, save, and close. If you turned on that windows is allowed to show file extensions, right click the icon of the txt file you just closed and erase the txt, and write ahk instead.
The file should swap to the AHK script symbol. Double click on it.

Press the tab key to activate/deactivate. Change “Tab” to anything you want. You can look how the mouse buttons are called on the AHK website.

(If you don’t know how file extensions show up, google will help.)


but thats dumb. sure its a solution but its over something that fatshark should have thought of in the first place, i mean heck its a magazine of what? give or take a hundred shots? there is zero reason why it should be all clicking- just do what TF2 does with its “full auto” and let me hold down the mouse without needing a 3rd party program

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If your mouse isnt already running on a “3rd party program” it probably still has balls.

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Thanks for that, but my coomer erectus brain would rather big gaming to do that for me.

coomer erectus brain
dawi kek (file 258x154)

Problem with using autohotkey is that it will also trigger when you switch to melee.

And then you quickly become a bad player if not using heavy attacks at all.

You can probably configure a keystroke to deactivate it ? But it adds complexity really.
This should ideally be an accessibility feature. Some gamers are not young anymore ah.

  1. Sorry i misunderstood your request as "Make it Full auto, the same as the Accatran. → Resulting in an overpowered weapon.

  2. see 1.

  3. Seems my Info was incorrect. Sorry about that.

In this case i would rather see the option to switch firing modes if someone wants to. I prefer the option to preserve ammo and go single shot on mobs, but i can see the benefit of having it go full auto when used as horde clearing gun.