Add a menu option to disable special spawn sounds

This is a pretty simple suggestion. The special spawn noises were a bi of a controversial addition, with some people loving it and some people hating it. I would suggest adding a menu option to disable it, something like “disable special spawn sounds”, being off by default so they will still play unless you deliberately go into the menu and disable it. I know for me personally this would be a nice QoL feature, since those of us who are actually bothered by the spawn sounds can choose to play with it off, but for the average playerbase who likes/doesn’t care about the sounds will still hear them by default.


I’d like them turned off too. They’re loud and obnoxious, always makes me jump and think there’s a gunner right behind me xD

Before you could still hear them coming, it would just be a lot more subtle and required better situational awareness.

I don’t mind them existing, but they should be attenuated to the spawn location and distance for better awareness.

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I don’t mind turning off the spawning sounds if I can see the little buggers coming. When a hookrat is in the middle of a bundle of nappy-rats any you can’t see it, it’s infurating.

Having as an option is something I’m in favour of though.

They’re fixing a problem that didn’t exist. Complaints about spawn sounds not working resulted in incredibly obnoxious and loud spawn sounds replacing the existing ones that still sometimes don’t trigger.


What about a mutator for the deeds which switches off those sounds? That could be a good way to test how it effects gameplay and be an interesting mutator for the deeds.

This is why the menu option would be nice. Some people prefer the addition of the spawn sounds and it adds to their enjoyment of the game. But those of us who enjoy the game less because of it would easily just be able to toggle it off with such an often.

I’m a big fan of letting the consumers play the game they want, this is a good option. Though I’m actually starting to like the louder stingers just wish they wouldn’t hide double spawns behind them.

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