Account wide Currency

So the first bit of crafting is out and once again it is all character bound. I am honestly not sure or understand the reasonings of this, but what helped made V2 really great was the ability to gear and craft up and sort out your other characters with out needing to grind every thing for them.

I can personally live with out having account wide curios and such, but we really need to have account wide currency. In the long term it is going to start becoming a very boring grindy chore to have to do the weekly on every character.


Agreed. Currency should be account wide IMO. Items don’t have to be though, that could be… weird.


100% this. Fatshark, please at the very least let us speed up the grind on characters past your first!

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it would be a lovely QoL chjange for sure and save some farming. aslo these weekly contracts… they need to go account wide to while your at it


That would be great too. But I can live with just the currency for now as that is what is really needed for that QoL

It should be account bound for sure.

People that spend a lot of time playing as and subsequently accumulating a lot of resources with one class should be able to make a smoother transition into another class by spending those resources on that class instead.


Yes ! And the weekly quests too please ! I just want to play all classes without being blocked in one class because i will never finished the WQ if i play 3 characters


Agreed, the grind is already starting to feel with the crafting material, weeklies. and now gold with the expensive cosmetics. For us who likes to play all classes I feel it can cost players in the longterm from burnout.

I am gonna be honest here, having to grind out currency and bounties on 4 different characters is just not gonna happen, i wanna play a game, not feel like i have to commit to a second job.

The bounty system and the currency system basically makes it more of a pain in the ass to play on multiple characters, instead of having the flexibility to just jump between characters, you now gotta check off chores on a list for that particular character before you feel like you can start doing the same things you just did but on another character.

This is starting to smell of Destiny 2 and their artificially inflated grind.

I dont want to give the developers to much grief, but this kind of design is pretty tone deaf.

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It feels like we have taken a big step backwards really. V2 had all the crafting and the accessories account wide, and while the boxes are no longer a thing here, you was able to open them up on any character and get loot for that character. So it was certainly better. Here is hoping they do adjust for QoL


I really feel this is something that should be addressed.

Agreed 100%. I would even be okay if it’s locked behind a certain trust level to not “abuse” leveling other characters too quickly, because they seem diligent to their narrative with many other things locked behind a certain level.

I would be okay with weapons being shared too, specifically the ones that can be used by other classes. The axes, for example.

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