Several things should be account-wide accessible

There should be access to several things across all characters.

  1. Weekly Contracts
  2. Marks
  3. Credits
  4. Curios

I’m fine with weapons being “character unique”. But come on… once you level one character to Trust 30, there should be no reason we can’t outfit our other characters in our better Curios as they gain access to their slots.

Credits and Marks should be pooled together.

On the subject of Weekly Contracts, if they’re accessible to all characters, gotta bump their payouts by 25 to 40%. I’m fine if you keep things as expensive as they are, but this should be the way it works.

As an additional, there should be a special contract accessible by each character class for a special cosmetic. Make it also a 1 week contract if need be. Also, let’s make it only armour pieces. If this involves only portrait frames or insignias, you’re just going to upset people.


Yes, but, we’ll see exactky how far they went with monetization on release to shine a full light on that then.

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Better not see maximum egregiousness.