Weekly Contracts Should be Account Bound Like Penances

With the current implementation of Weeklies, I have to choose what character will get my time to level or get golden/purple gear from the Melk’s.

It heavily discourages players from switching off 1-2 classes. I should not have to choose between leveling a character and being able to do higher-level content on another because the currency is the best way to get good enough gear.
With my current set of missions, it will take me around 8 hours to finish my weeklies on one character. That isn’t too bad if it only needs to be done once, but currently, it makes getting each slot’s weeklies take around the amount of time of a full-time job to complete every week (at the shortest with this mission set).
If those objectives were across all characters, like the penance system, it wouldn’t cause players to choose between what character they need to do weekly challenges on

As such, I believe that progression on weeklies needs to be changed to be across all characters then it doesn’t punish players for trying different classes.
Payouts may need to increase if the currency is changed to be account-wide. But if the currency stays by character, I suggest that each character should get the payout separately (each getting say 1,300 to spend on their own), then they can be geared up since the grind takes hours to do anyway.


Gotta agree with this. There’s zero cross-character progression and that feels pretty stingy.

I’d even be happy with weekly missions requiring a bit more from players if it meant the missions and rewards were shared across operatives.

It’s a grind now. Imagine what it’ll be like when they start adding new classes.