Access violation crash in the keep and in missions

My friend is having some trouble with the game crashing. First time was during a twitch + deed normal mission. The second time was in the keep, after connecting to Twitch but before entering the mission. Both times there was one other player present in addition to the host. I was wondering if there’s any clue as to why the crashes are occurring in the logs.

Console log from the crash during the mission:
console-2021-09-23-19.46.04-7863f27d-262b-4f56-9637-f6141186daec.log (819.5 KB)

Crash dump from the crash during the mission:
crash_dump-2021-09-23-19.46.04-7863f27d-262b-4f56-9637-f6141186daec.dmp (675.3 KB)

Console log from the crash in the keep:
console-2021-09-23-19.34.31-891c87c2-afa5-4e59-98e9-7cff29296145(1).log (372.9 KB)

Crash dump from the crash in the keep:
crash_dump-2021-09-23-19.34.31-891c87c2-afa5-4e59-98e9-7cff29296145.dmp (706.0 KB)

I’ve already told him to go through the below post, hopefully that’ll fix the problem he’s having. He says he has been using 6 worker threads this whole time. It would be great to get some insight into why he is crashing. He hasn’t had crashes like these before.

Are these crashes isolated to whenever Twitch mode is involved, do you know?

According to my friend, and after looking through his console logs, this seems to be a new crash for him. During both of these crashes twitch was involved, but he usually plays with twitch, and has been doing so for years.

He hasn’t experienced this crash after he went through the “how to resolve most crashes” post and tried some solutions from there. I will let you know if he encounters it again.

I take it that there wasn’t anything specific in the logs that would explain the crashes?

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