Random Game Crashes


i have major problems with Vermintide 2 recently.

Normally I play over steam with my friends. If we are in a mission, the game crashes randomly.
In the log it is always the same error, but i cannot figure out what the failure exactly is:

<>Access violation (0xc0000005) in build 4edd025e7dec
accessing address 0000013F00D962CC from 00007FFEC5C5C067<>

Could you please help me?
I want to enjoy the game once more.

Attached you will find my last logs.

Thank you in advance.

console-2019-09-13-20.30.12-802d8c33-af57-4f74-a402-7296669fa981.log (446.2 KB) console-2019-09-13-21.16.11-69566860-7f20-44d6-95b7-28e862238773.log (629.2 KB) console-2019-09-13-21.52.03-70ffbd09-632a-42b2-a2f8-c97251e7a3b0.log (278.1 KB)

Have a look at this

Something to tinker with while you wait for support. :slight_smile:

I believe I’ve responded to your query via the Support Portal - my response may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox. :slight_smile:

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