Vermintide 2 crashes upon connection to twitch

Every time I’m currently streaming and attempt to connect my twitch account to Vermintide (as I hit the ‘connect button’), it thinks about it for a bit, then freezes and crashes to desktop. I was able to repeat this multiple times, and I’ve already tried verifying the integrity of game cache on steam among other things.

console-2019-08-03-00.28.03-8c970265-eada-459b-804c-b1a4db8f72b9.log (79.8 KB) console-2019-08-03-00.30.45-7d252754-e0dc-48ff-82a2-e08404bae147.log (77.8 KB) console-2019-08-03-00.33.36-3e792ceb-f67d-4327-a50c-f2db8840c7ae.log (77.6 KB)

crash_dump-2019-08-03-00.28.03-8c970265-eada-459b-804c-b1a4db8f72b9.dmp (444.1 KB) crash_dump-2019-08-03-00.30.45-7d252754-e0dc-48ff-82a2-e08404bae147.dmp (462.2 KB) crash_dump-2019-08-03-00.33.36-3e792ceb-f67d-4327-a50c-f2db8840c7ae.dmp (497.3 KB)

This should be addressed with the patch that accompanies Winds of Magic. Apologies for the inconvenience and please let me know if the issue persists once the patch is live.

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Great, thanks :slight_smile:

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