Accatran MK2 Recon Lasgun

Hello I want to ask a question. Is that normal that the Accatran MK2 Recon Lasgun deal the same damage as the mark MKVId ? Normally the variant with guns work like this : blue = more fire rate less damage, green = equal fire rate/damage, orange : more damage less fire rate if I’m not mistaken (maybe there is something else but I don’t know).

If it’s a bug it need a fix but if not I don’t see the point to use the MK2 when the MKVId do the same better with his higher fire rate especially when the MK2 is only available to the Veteran class if I’m correct. I think it need a little damage buff at least 10 or 15 damage per shot more to compete with his two brothers.

The quality has no impact on the fire rate.

Grey = normal
Green = 1 perk
Blue = 1 perk + 1 blessing
Purple = 2 perks + 1 blessing
Orange = 2 perks and 2 blessings

I use the Mk VII, so don’t know… but MK II, is normally the one that has the higher rate of fire. Go to meat grinder, and check them.

I was talking about the color of the weapon’s body, not the item quality. ^^
Every gun with variant have his own texture, color and MK number dedicated with small change in stats.

Hello! I work on the combat team, and can hopefully answer this, or at least shine some lights on it.

When we (as in the combat team) set up weapons we usually go by the models of them. Bigger or heavier looking ranged weapons tend to get tweaked towards the low RoF/high damage spectrum, while smaller and ligher looking ones go the other way.
That there’s been a pattern of blue-ish weapons being fast and light while orange-ish ones being slow and heavy (and the green-ish being a middle ground) is actually a pure coincidence from the balancing point of view.

For the damage (and fire rate and therefore total damage output), it will of course depend on how the stats are rolled, so I’m going to base this on all stats being set to 50%. And with that baseline the Mk VId will deal less damage per shot than the Mk II.
But when including other things like the firerate being about 50% faster, similar spread as the Mk II while aiming, and being more mobile in general, the Mk VId might very well be overshadowing the Mk II by too much.
In short, I’ll poke a designer on my team about this for potential tweakage of damage or other settings, as I’m just a lowly programmer.

All three Accatran Recon lasguns should be available for both the Sharpshooter and Psykinetic, so if you only have one of the marks available for either of those (when fully levelled up) I’d recommend you to log it as a separate bug.


Out of interest, why has mobility not been tweaked for lighter models? If you take infantry autos eg, the columnus is much smaller than the agri - has a weight reduction stock, shorter barrel etc - but seems to have the same mobility properties. I would have thought that would be an obvious angle for differentiating models within class?

The base damage power is the same, but the MkII has superior armour multipliers that make it hit harder than the VId

Many thanks for your answer and clarifications. I might have been very unlucky with my Psyker to find the MKII, I always find in the store the MKVId and MKVIIa, I will check in the Brunt’s Armoury if i found it once.

@CommissarTyr I don’t know for the armour multipliers. I tested them 3 days ago in the psykkarium on Damnation with a special build for my Veteran the 3 recon lasguns and I found it more difficult to reliably kill basics enemies/elites with MKII than MKVId without crits (let’s say it’s hard to not crit with the MKVId !) and generally the MKII consume more ammo than the others, even worse when my MKVId have only 64% ammo/80% damage while my MKII was 80% damage and ammo in the modifiers.
That’s why I made the post if that was normal or not.

I agree with that reasoning, and looking at the code there aren’t a lot of differences between the infantry autogun marks.
It might have been any number of reasons, such as the visual components being updated after the tweaks were in place, or an oversight, or deliberate design.

I could argue that autopistol (as our version is more of a 40k SMG than a pistol) fills the role of a nimble autoX type of weapon. But that would veer into a design and lore discussion, and while I’d love to do the latter I don’t feel that I can give a good enough design answer. And I don’t want to give the impression of promising anything or raise any false hopes/spread false information by saying it should be changed, as it’s ultimately up to the designers. I can say that I’ll give them a heads up about this though.

Lots of words for saying “I don’t know”. But I hope it’s somewhat useful anyway.

As the good Commissar says, the Mk VIIa recon lasgun will be the best at punching through unyielding, infested and carapace armour. It will also stagger those armour types more. The Mk II is similar, but a bit worse owing to the higher fire rate. Then the Mk VId has the “worst” (of the three) armour penetration capabilities, but a lot higher fire rate. But as mentioned above the high fire rate can make it outclass the Mk II in pure damage.
The lower armour penetration capabilities does mean that it will benefit more from brittleness applied to enemies and rending applied to the weapon than the other two marks. Leading to potentially even more outclassing.

I did look a bit closer into the actual tweak values at near/far range, and it looks like there is some discrepancies between the Mk II and Mk VId there. Again I won’t promise anything, but the designers knows about it at least.


Hello! Did you guys know the fast recon lasguns get their firerate capped by the server tickrate? They fire faster in the meatgrinder

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