Accatran MK Vld Recon Lasgun

I dont know if this is a bug. The Damage fall off is reversed for near and far enemies.
Near enemies get 80% far enemies get 110% for instance. That is not the case for most other guns ive looked at. In the meat grinder, this is indeed the effect the gun does more dmg the further away you get from the target. Is this intended?

I noticed this too. It’s kind of weird that the VId with “torrent” has the increased long-range damage similar to other ranged lasguns, while the “rapid-fire” II and VIIa are close-range inclined. The only other laser weapon I can find that has long-ranged damage fall-off would be the Accatran Heavy Laspistol.

Over all though, I really hope it’s not a bug. the VId is my primary weapon. But it would make sense if all the “Accatran” branded weapons have the long-range fall-off I guess.

I thought all lasguns worked that way, inverted damage fall off. Perhaps to keep them from face rolling the game in CQB as well (it didn’t work).

It’s weird. the Recon II and VIIa, and the Heavy laspistol have the increased “near” ranged damage. while all other lasguns (Kantrael variants, Helbore variants, and the Recon VId) all have increased “far” ranged damage. The VId being closer to all the other lasguns and not the first group seems weird, because the first group are the CQB-type weapons. I seriously hope that it’s intentional, because I love using the VId for ranged enemies

I’ve inquired about this, and it seems to be intended. The “Mk” of the Recon Lasguns dictates how falloff is handled, with “Vld” being stronger from afar.


Absolutely insane.

Just what the hell is going on over there?

To elaborate on my confusion, why on earth would the devs just assume people would figure this out, and then be happy with this? It’s completely counter intuitive, since we do NOT have this, with ANY other lasgun.

So many decisions seem to have been made with some obscure “logic” behind them (like Veterans taking extra damage while sprinting etc)

The worst thing is since the devs explain none of this in tooltips or tutorials, theres probably so many other janky, stupid design decisions that are going to take months to get slowly fixed as we point out the idiocy.

But don’t worry folks! The psyker shield was a bug! It was never meant to block bullets while reviving! And you thought being able to cancel Helbore shots was intended? IDIOT! And of course the VId is supposed to increase in damage from range, you fools! /s

Having increased damage from far away+minimal recoil makes it serve like a sniper beam weapon when ads. It’s a weird contrast with the fact this thing otherwise behaves like an smg. It’s just overall a very weird gun that’s hard to classify as to what it should be.