About third person

The reason there is no official third person view is that we didn’t have the manpower to make it good. Sure, we could easily slap-dash it together and call it a day but once it’s in there a lot of people will play it that way and think it’s shit. If we add it we want to make it feel as good as the first person combat and we just don’t have the resources to do that as well as everything else the community wants. Maybe we will sanction a third person mod later on but that’s not up to me I’m afraid. We are constantly discussing this internally though so we’ll see


Heroes and mobs slashing at the air, hits not connecting…
Yea, fine…

Would you rather it not be perfect or be not able to play at all because motion sickness? Have some empathy


It really does like fine. No one said great, perfect or amazing, it looks fine.

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Wish more developers would consider including both 1st and 3rd… So many games are going the 3rd person route as they are better for console users but I literally cant play any mmo or Dark Souls game when they don’t port to mouse and keyboard well and the cameras angles are awkward and the games are too janky which leave you frustrated… Having said that watching another player via death cam seems alittle better than when you see them in the game… I have referred to attacking either like you are using a hoe/rake or headbanging rats like wack a mole from the hips… I really don’t understand why its not as simple as we think…


How do you aim in 3rd person?

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It’s an issue of what the game was designed for and what it’s currently capable of. In a first-person game, it’s pretty complicated to then design an entire system on top of your first system to make a third-person view work with your first-person control schema.

I really love when more people can enjoy a game and I’m 100% in support of a third-person view. I just also agree with @OrsonMaxwell: it’s complicated for a reason.


I haven’t read everything, but how would you handle ranged weapons and aiming in third person ?

I defer to the gif in my above post for my immediate response. Truly, this corpse has yet to find it’s final resting place.

Well, there’s plenty of 3rd person aiming schemas. Gears of War, for instance, is entirely 3rd person. However, the entire system is also handled in 3rd person; every single gun-shot, wall-jump, the entire cover-based system… everything.

However, if you tried to strap a camera to the front of Marcus’ chest in Gears of war, it would be a nightmare as you viewed in it first-person. The entirety of the system was designed to be viewed from over the shoulder. In order to move a 1st person system to a 3rd person system, you need to:

Match the animations to the ones in first person and ensure the projectile leaves your body at the correct point for your weapon (this doesn’t work most of the time; first-person animations almost never reflect a realistic moveset nor do they accurately reflect the reach of certain weapons, refer to the Elder Scrolls games on why this looks goofy and feels wrong)
Adjust the crosshair against 1st-person view so you know if your projectile will hit an obstacle (this is done well in the Gears of War series last I checked, but I haven’t played that in a long time)
Provide a realistic feedback system for reloading, as you are no longer immediately looking at your ranged weapon and need to be notified of when you’ve successfully reloaded (the click of Saltzpyre’s Brace of Pistols is an excellent feedback system, for instance)

And that’s pretty much everything I can think of; I’d defer to a strictly 3rd person system for reference.

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And you can still see those terrible animations in first person too. From seeing others move.


Have you heard of third person game mate?

If the 3rd person mod’s camera was a little more zoomed in, I don’t see a problem with it being sanctioned.

There are games with 3rd person option that do not give an environmental advantage because of the way the camera is zoomed.

well said brother, Third person needs to be sanctioned and hope Fatshark implements an official third person.

2 years and nothing, no response …

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Response to what? Why isn’t a First Person perspective game isn’t a 3rd person perspective one?


Seriously, is necromancing this thread a running joke or something? The average time between replies is over a month…

And a literal dev has answered in this thread. Something that happens in <1% of all threads on this forum. So what are you whining about not getting an answer @Kurosura ?!

I marked my calender for the 23th of august to await the reply.


My f#cking sides dude holy

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Sanction the third person mod, no one gonna blame fatshark for a mod, some sanction mod still crashed the game.

If you just sanction it, no one gonna need FT to work on a proper 3rd person anymore.


What about using 3rd person giving you distinct advantage of being able to see behind you? It’s called cheating where I come from - I’m not entirely convinced I want to play with someone using this kind of mod. I don’t think it is eligible for being sanctioned frankly.

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you feared someone cheat in a pve game without end game content ?! nice… you can have 900power lvl equipement, you can have infinit health and one shot every ally but it’s sur that seeing behind you is too much power to handle.

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