About third person

It’s not about handling anything - it’s about sanctioning a mod knowing that it will put some players in a team at an advantage and not the others. Sanctioning mods means making sure they are not touching game balance or rules and therefore the rewards that people get from completing missions in official realm have the same value to all players.
In my opinion, 3rd person perspective is very different from 1st person one, so deciding on one or the other should not be left to each player. And this is precisely what we see: this decision was made and fixed by FS during development.


We weren’t supposed to necro this thread for another three weeks!

Really though what’s left to discuss? We have the official response from fatshark.


Sorry - didn’t get this memo :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason this thread is continuing on is probably this line in the official response that you are referring to:


If that can help player to get better on legend/cata that’s better for everyone.

That was mean… sorry.

You don’t get better at something by having an unfair advantage. You learn like everyone else.


it’s not really unfair, you can have it as well.

No blur and no ultimate filter is powerfull as well, you don’t get the shade filter that make you miss 2s of your ult cause of the filter, some player play with max luminosity to see even in darker map make torch useless… and it’s not unfair as well, you can done the whole game without mod, so let people enjoy their game as they want.

One of the best tittle of steam still skyrim, and don’t tell me it’s unfair on skyrim to mod it. it’s just a pve game. enjoy it the way you like. If you really hate modded player, just make a option to avoid them. or make modded realm with progression as well and say goodbye to more than half playerbase on normal realm.

And just for information, competitive player are already on modded realm to get acces to cata+ and unslaught… so it’s not a competitive problem.

What an absolute jumble of everything. I’m struggling to understand your actual point regarding, for example, the one concern I expressed - can you sum it up?
Consider the following:
Situation one: you’re playing with a Zealot who has 3rd person mod installed and can see 360 degrees around him at all times, and with a Waystalker who doesn’t have the mod and therefore can actually take good aim and make reliable headshots.
Situation two: reverse the previous one :sweat_smile:
Situation three: everyone has the same setup.

Which would be more preferrable to you? I think I (and indirectly - the devs) have answered that.


no one cause waystalker can kill everything without seeing it… zealot get no chance at all to do anything cause zealot withou sister of thorn isn’t viable at all… so in every situation, if you have a good player, waystalker kill everything.

So please, make more modif on classes and talents before blaming a 3rd person.

and before you start saying anything… i did every map in cata with every carear and i have around 1400h on the game. i still enjoy every minutes on it, but always get the same mind state “why this mod not allowed”.

I don’t see how that is relevant, but thanks for completely missing all of my points - carry on.



1400 hours and you somehow failed to realize how zealot came to be considered one of the dumbest but also among the stronger careers in the game from basically the start until now unless i am mistaken.

“Not viable without SoT”…my poor sides are dying, why not state that no handmaiden build except the miniscule invis dash one is viable while you are at it?


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