Dear Fathsark please add third person view

Hi Fatshark,

The cosmetics in this game are dope, but they are useless. One cannot see them while playing the main game. I know mods already exists, but they don’t have sanctions and is not that functional. Only an official camera can help with this issue.

I also understand the game is primarily designed for FPS, but a zoomed in camera close to the player over the shoulder with no zoom out feature, basically a static third person camera close to the player character.

Here is the example

This is restrictive and doesn’t provide much advantages, it’s just a small change from FPS view. Player still can’t see whats coming from back and flanks.

This game has no competitive element, its all about cooperation thus I don’t see why Fatshark is not adding it. I have been playing in third person a lot and it’s so much satisfying to see your character in all it’s glory. Cosmetics are for expressing one’s character, but it’s pointless if one cannot enjoy themselves.

Please consider Third person camera option, it should only be an option and not a forced method to play the game. Those who enjoy FPS should continue to do so. PVP mode can be strictly FPS, but consider third person for PVE.

Please consider this request Fathsark and officially support third person.

Thanks a lot for this fun game.

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The game will never have a proper third person view. It would require a complete redesign of almost all animations and the entire combat, for something that most people don’t agree with or don’t care about. My suggestion is to try the third person mod modded realm, if it still works.


No buts for me. The cosmetics are bad and an abomination that should be purged.
I’m really sad that the devs waste time doing this nonsense whereas in contrast they could’ve been making this game better for realz. Of course cosmetics bring some extra $$$ but they harm the game in the long run IMHO.

I’m against 3rd person view cause it’d be a waste of resources.
At the moment only first person looks great - you enjoy the gore, the blood, feel the impact and all that jazz.
3rd person view in comparison looks awful - the hits do not register, the characters just flail their weapons around at unnatural angles.
If you just enable 3rd person switch in all games people would definitely use it cause it’d make the game easier.
I’d not use it cause in my opinion this 3rd person running / 1rd person gunning is just a ridiculous crutch when the devs can’t implement their ideas into reality.
Then you should separate the player base into 3rd person / 1rd person crowd and that’s a huge no-no because it’s not that big to start with.
On top of all that it’d I guess require a huge amount of work to make things look as good in 3rd person as they look in 1rd person.

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