Cosmetics Are Useless

Hi there Heroes

I just realized, cosmetics are useless, in first person camera we can’t see the character, we only see the hands, weapons and enemies, map, etc, we can see the character in third person camera only,
we can see the character in the character selection screen, and that’s it, or when a hook rat grabs you but that’s just 2 seconds.

A third camera option would be nice.

thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Third person would feel very awkward in combat and it would give you too much overview on what’s going on behind you. The idea of the game is you watch each others backs.

On a side note, if you hold X you can see your char, if you hold Z you can inspect your weapon.


Wait for mods.

You must play with good groups then. The randos I get usually wait about 15-20sec

yeah this is why I don’t care about what I wear, I never see it unless i’m looking in the mirror.

I like to think of the cosmetics as more of a thing to show off to other players/friends.

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