About bots again

To add to these points, several of the approved mods I am subscribed to have been waiting on FS to sanction the updates to them for three weeks now. Many mods on the workshop seem to be stuck in applied for sanctioning status for months if not years too, never getting denied or approved.

I can see why some modders would give up or not even want to give VT2 modding a go, which is a shame seeing as even basic functionality such as getting a numeric UI requires a workshop mod, so do bot loadouts so you don’t need to constantly reshuffle your gear for any potential bots in the party when switching around characters.

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Chaos wastes + Khorne + blood tornados + bots = misery.

They just stop dead and refuse to move.
They make no effort to avoid them.

meanwhile, Bardin standing in a blood tornado says “I hate magic” …
Yes so does Khorne!

Exploding skulls are kinda worse if you get them late into a run, where density and spawns are much higher compared to early on.

If you’re lucky, the iron breaker survives while the rest die to easily avoidable ground damage that the bots literally ignore most of the time.

Sure solo chaos wastes with bots is doable, even citadel (although tonight was the first time I’d managed that on legend solo with three bots), but I wish the content had been designed while aware of how bad the bots AI is for all the curses (and their pathing issues).


I simply cannot allow such a critical important topic to be buried.

(although tonight was the first time I’d managed that on legend solo with three bots)

You are happy. Personally, I will no longer take risks with solo Legend in CW until the necessary changes are made: stopping the chasing/hiding by bots and added manual control over the using of healing items.

Seeing the bots wasted precious healing supplies and potions in a horrendous manner - is simply Pain.

“Come here Wutelgi, let me patch that up!”

Kerillian on full temp HP “…”

It is infuriating, especially if you can literally see the cairn and there are no enemies around and the bots decide to go waste all the healing over nothing.

The change from 50% to 40% threshold for using healing items wasn’t enough imo, especially not on difficulties where healing is more scarce and should be saved almost exclusivly for clearing wounds.

That said I think one of the biggest barriers for Chaos Wastes citadel with bots is their inability to traverse the zone without jumping off ledges at least once, sometimes on mass, like Walt Disney himself is behind the camera trying to instigate their death like he did with lemmings.

I can firmly say that all these shamanic actions with pitiful percentages will never help. There is only one way out: manual control of healing, as in the mod to V1. I tried V1 with some mods (so far only the very minimum) thanks to the reviews in this thread - and I can say - it’s amazing! After the convenience that the mod gives, returning to the chaotic and uncontrolled behavior of bots is very unpleasant.

It should be like this: press buttons to heal player and/or other bots + the setting prohibiting them from being healed without a command.

Special command of the Social Wheel “Heal me!” would also be very useful, which would force the bots to heal a living player / give a healing potion - urgently and instantly - regardless of the presence of enemies, even monsters, nearby.

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