A small fix to the rewards system

In my opinion the rewards system seems a little lacking and could easily be tweaked using some vermintide logic.
Lower the amount of money people make by about 1,000 per mission
Give each mission a guaranteed emperors gift of each weapon rarity.
Example: Completing a damnation mission gives 18,000 monies and gives a random Transcendent gift.
It’s simple, Easy to implement, and eases a lot of the rewards issues that darktide currently has.

That’s not what they aim for…

You get almost always useless loot from emperor & mostly garbage things from shop & even Melks shop to…
the thing is they want you to play & the longer you play the higher possibility that you will buy something for Aquilas in the shop & even if it’s not now there will be for sure some more cosmetics or other things that will cost real money that will be a lot better than any [reskin,recolor] thing in the game for “free”[time your time that you play].

The thing is the current development of games is mainly looking on how much you will spend in game rather how much they will get from selling a game itself. Those greedy bastards… let them burn in hell for destroying a lot of good games for a profit.

They should start to think about politics as that is not far from what they do now… lying.