A question for combat designer




Is there a problem?

that’s new, specials affect each other now. problemo? when curio crafting is not nonsense I might just stack 3X corruption resistances to see how little my ogryn cares about people blowing up bursters in my face.

The one situation where Zealot passive is detrimental

guess you could’ve gone to your left behind the barrier and shoved them from behind it

In this case he was flung forwards into the next area so its really no issue as far as I can see.

Well yea there isn’t really a problem, OP just had an unexpected situation. If there is a problem I guess it’d be the smoke hiding the incoming mutant. The situation was preventable of course, just unexpected. :person_shrugging:

I was just pointing out that Zealot’s passive was detrimental in this specific situation (and any other situation like this in which the passive results in you being sent off a ledge by an explosion at low health) since if OP was simply downed instead of being thrown off they’d be able to heal up immediately after and stay close to the team. Like this could’ve ended so much worse if there were even more enemies down there.

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What if i didn’t plan to flang forward into the next area? and take damage from burster?
I just wish bursters would have max stagger resistance after they pushed.

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Breaking LoS with the explosion using geometry, shooting the poxbursters ahead of time, a team mate stunning or killing the incoming muties and/or poxbursters. There’s so many ways of dealing with a threat both with and without team mates I’m kind of surprised you asked.

Breaking LoS is only option then. But even in that case, burster can be pushed behind your cover.

Yea if you’re reacting to the situation (in the clip) you have fewer options of course, preventing the situation from developing or occurring is different from reacting to it as it’s happening, just wanna clarify that. I don’t mean to say you could do all those things during the clip.

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I bet if that Mutant pushed the jumping Poxer away from you, you wouldn’t complain.

Since it shoves anyone in its way, it can be both helpful and problematic - which is a great design.

You choose the lazy way of pushing 3 Poxers straight in a row (could shoot them/could push them different way), punished yourself with obscured vision, missed the Mutant (even ignored an audio signal of him coming) - took damage.

Yeah, absolutely a combat designer’s fault :salt::salt::salt:

try to guess why.

Do you know why dodging back a pox buster that close is a bad idea?
I might have avoided it if i started dodging back as soon as sound cue fired, but not a second later.

Don’t get blown up by a burster.

I like that this is a thing. Its fun and it makes sense. Its “realistic” in that it matches the physics expectations I have of real events where things can bump into one another.

Should be able to avoid this situation entirely on the right, but on the left is viable, just a bit less safe over all. Not that I haven’t had this exact situation happen to me. Its a perfectly reasonable “mistake” to make. Quite funny too, you caught great air.

chaos spawn noises begin


I had this situation happened during difficulty spikes, and you can’t really hug corners like that.

So in that case the only one solution is to shoot pox buster, if you hear mutant? But what if you have a lasgun and there is a horde? Or you can’t have LoS on Buster, until its close?
You just hope that timing wouldn’t be that bad?

Killing burster in horde not a big problem for lasgun, depending on location tho. Your vet can just pre-nade poxbursters in hordes, or any other teammate probably will have horde clearing weapon, or you as zealot can stun horde with your nade, etc. But lasgun for zealot is a meh, agripina shotgun can both clear hordes a bit and focus fire single targets.

About your video - you are running with headhunter autogun but you ignored that fact mute was sapwned aswell with bursters and dicide to flex and push them instead of pew pewing, while you know there is a cliff behind also. Now you are more expirienced. Your team ignored specials spawn cues and 3 of them it seems were clearing poxwalkers. If you are playing with a bit deaf players, spam tag on specials or use chat.

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There was no sound of mute untill very last moment.

edit: Thats wierd btw

No, they’ve done this since launch. It’s usually just extremely screwy due to the crappy servers.

Dogs can do it too. Bonus laghound.

It’s pretty irritating design, especially in cases like the above. (Even if it was technically beneficial, if we ignore that I was in that situation due to hounds being stupid)