A compilation of issues with Veteran Items

I just decided to create a list of issues I’ve found with Veteran items and see what others think and could be done about this.

-Skins: Some Vets don’t have unique skins. This is so rediculous and sad that honestly I shouldn’t have to go too in depth. I was thinking this was a bug when I got a vet hagsbane that looked the exact same as my exotic, but it has a different name and a description that sounds like it would be the vet, but it turns out it isn’t a bug, which is just infuriating.

-Duplicates: it is possible to get the same veteran 3x in a row. I pray this doesn’t happen to any of you, but unfortunately my friend has received the same vet necklace 3x now.It really sucks and they should make it so you only get dupes once you have all the vets for your class.

-Doesn’t appear in Emperor’s more frequently: So basically I have gotten all of my vets (5 in total) from Merchants and Soldiers Vaults, yet 0 from any of the 20 emperors or 30 generals i’ve opened. I’ve seen others say the same thing, which tells me it’s not just me that’s experienced this. Doing a full run on Legend should have a clear bonus compared to just barely beating Legend with no tomes or grims.

That’s all I have, if anyone else has some issues with the endgame loot then do add on.


17 reds, I use 4 (3 now since I swapped from Fk to huntsman) rest are duplicate items. With the exception of 2 reds they have all been from Soldier’s or Merchants vaults, furthermore the vast majority were found inside of patch 1.0.5. 2 friends saved and opened around 120 vaults each during 1.0.5 and ended up with 13 / 9 reds from that window. Currently i’ve open slightly over 100 vaults post 1.0.6 and have found 0 reds. I think the droprate was broken by accident with the new patches. Having touched on this issue in discord it seems the problem is common and most players got their reds inside 1.0.5.

I ended up getting 5 vets yesterday while grinding out some Legend deeds and I only got 1 vet from an Emperor’s, the rest are from Merchants and Soldiers. In fact I got 2 vets, dual swords and s/d, from 1 Soldiers vault, yet somehow they never or barely ever appear in Emperors or Generals. I don’t know if this is a bug or if the rng is being as random as can be, but it would be nice to see an actual difference in these vaults considering the difference in effort, skill, and teamwork that is needed to get these vaults.
The dupes are ridiculous too, my friend got a long bow when he plays fk and then his 2nd vet was an lb as well and then he got another one earlier today, meaning he has 3 useless duped vets now.
That’s another issue too, getting vets that are career specific is really frustrating when it’s not the career you play. They should only drop when you open the vault while playing that career.
Hopefully at least one of these issues while be addressed in the big update next week, but for now all we can do is bring it to the devs attention : l

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