More fulfilling Veteran (red) items

So…currently Veteran items are rather…bland. Sure they look nice, but they are just Orange (exotic) tier items with garunteed max stats for the ‘buffs’ they have and that’s kinda…boring.

So why not a change to that.

Give each Veteran item a special thing it can do that no other weapon in the game can do. Veteran dual axes for slayer? Let him throw one to chain pull an enemy over to him. Veteran two handed sword for Saltzpyre? Let it have a hidden pistol in the hilt that he can shoot similarly to the rapier’s duel pistol. Veteran Halberd on Kruber? Make it a pike with much longer reach. Veteran Conflagration staff on Sienna? Make it so that the burn over time the alt fire causes ‘spreads’ to other enemies if on fire enemies touch them.

These are all rough suggestions, but yeah, it’d be nice if Veteran items in this felt more…Veteran like they did in the first game. Like Drakefire pistols were a Veteran quality item in the last game, in this their just an ‘iron breaker only’ thing, which is fine, but…items in general feel alot more…bland now I guess?


Dreams, sweet dreams.

I don’t agree… this game should be based on player skill, and not about equip. This would create disparity among the players.

But you also right, end game is bad… we should have a solid way to get red items in order to have the possibility to try every career and new build.


Careful with wishes for new content or for gods sake - new attacks. The game and the base attacks are still bugged / under work, you would completely overwhelm them. In fact I honestly doubt the heroic powers were a good change from V1, the more stuff you have the less balanced it is, thats not a ground rule, its a rule for this game.

If everything is over powered…nothing is.

That aside, yes I do know it’d need balancing, but Vet items currently are just stated as a ‘fancy skin’ and a way to reduce rng grind of rerolling stats on a thing since the Shrine of Solace was removed, which isn’t a good thing. Yes giving new special effects to red weapons would create a ‘disparity’ but would also be something to work towards and feel friggin awesome when you got the first one instead of what it is now

Seriously, when I got my first red, I was excited until I saw it was just an orange tier with a special skin and maxed stats, took the wind right out of my sails it did.


Umm? There were blue, orange and red drakefires. Most of the reds were identical to VT2’s reds (except you only had two sets of possible traits). The veteran items with unique combination of traits were a minority.

I was only able to ever find Red Drakefires, never got blue or oranges of them. Then again I tended to play Saltzy more than Bardin.

Still stand by what I said though as red’s currently don’t feel ‘good’ to get, it’s like ‘woo hoo, another illusion’ and that’s about it, and that’s not good for an item that’s so hard to get

If they at least looked cool, instead of just having a few glowing blue runes (or nothing at all, atm).
As for uniqueness:
That could be done without them being overpowered - just add a drawback.
Could even take an easy route and just add 1-3 new, Veteran-Exclusive new traits per weapon type (“type” here being something general like ‘1h-melee’ or ‘bow’).
Then red items could be distinguished from oranges, if the player wants, and they’d pay a price for that.
Given that most players who have any appreciable quantity of reds will have a lot of experience in the game, I think they can be trusted with making decisions that could actually be detrimental.

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I’d prefer they stay the way they are. I’m satisfied with orange weapons because of that. If they added something unique (aside from the ugly rune skins), I’d feel forced to collect them. Which right now I don’t really care about, but still feel like a welcome surprise.

I don’t think they should have any sort of extra ability or damaging proc. But, it would be cool if they gave them some sort of proc that was purely cosmetic. Say you go on a killing spree of X amount and your weapon starts to glow more and more, or bursts into blue flames. Probably won’t happen though, because of lore.

Another cool idea would be, give us something to grind for that builds our weapon power. Some way of imbuing a red weapon to give it say, 10% more hero power. Anything to make us feel like we’re constantly improving or getting more powerful, but not game breaking.

Just being ‘shiny’ still doesn’t solve the current issue of them just being Oranges where RNG isn’t as bad for getting what you want. The fact that the RNG on item stats is so bad that this is the case is rather…telling.

But making them more shiny or adding some way to imbue them to make them more powerful would make you want to grind for them even more. As it stands now, some reds look amazing with the amount of blue glow, some don’t have a skin at all. If they aren’t going to make them more powerful, why not make them more shiny!

My red blacksmith sword on Sienna is a perfect example. It looks exactly the same as the normal version, but with 3 tiny blue glyphs. Boring…then you look at a red 2 handed sword or the falchion and they look amazing.

Actually, I find the solid blue glow-strips on some weapons to be beyond ugly.
If the burning weapons on sienna at least had blue flames… but no.
Yes, having a red halberd that looks completely stock is a disappointment, but it could be worse. It could look like red drakefires.

Yes but Veteran items are supposed to be the best of the best, right now they are just a ‘shiny rng mitigation’ that doesn’t really feel inspired it feels more like the devs knew how bad the rng was for getting good stats and decided to do a bandaid fix on it instead of fixing the actual problem

I think it’s clear that they are not intended to be better than oranges (at least not much). It’s fine that you want them to be, but I don’t see the intent.

They don’t need to be better,but they could have unique properties/stats. Conditions like: weapon is super powerful but you can’t wear any other item or trinket has 4 stats but no trait or charm has one stat but it’s doubled or a ranged bow that has a single melee attack on RMB instead of zoom/aim/charge or a staff that builds 50% more overcharge but vents over time or a elven crossbow with no triple shot but with bolts dealing double damage.

That would let red items feel like something unique other than a ridiculously glowing PoS while not making them a must-use, they would simply diversify playstyles and allow for interesting builds.

That being said,it’s never gonna happen,unless we actually get mod support which I’m starting to doubt.


Sorry but no. Red items are unique enough as it is. They shouldn’t have properties or traits you can’t get on oranges unless you’re talking about vt1 system which I don’t think was too great.

In what way,pray tell? Because I have some orange items with perfect rolls,which makes them exactly like reds. Visually…some of the reds don’t even have skins and look like starter weapons,so yeah,no.

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Okay, so in what way are they unique other than visual apearance? You can get ‘perfect’ rolls on the standard method, they don’t have higher than 300 power, so they are just Exotics you don’t have to ‘grind’ as much to get those maxed stats.

When something is ‘unique’ by getting rid of something that doesn’t feel good, it shouldn’t be heralded for that, instead the other stuff needs to be looked at and brought onto the same page.

Saying the fact that they are just illusions of oranges makes them ‘unique enough’ isn’t really good. Unless you mean the whole not grinding stat rolls thing, at which point might I say…

Not having a splinter when all your friends have splinters makes you unique, but that doesn’t mean your good, it just means they should have their splinters pulled out.

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I personally am fine with them just being for visuals and maxed stats, but i also feel like a minor advantage wouldn’t hurt and would make them feel more worthwile. Personally think it should be something small though, like slightly higher properties (like 2-5% at most), which might allow you to hit some interesting breakpoints that’d be unfeasable on normal weapons. Or a third property slot, which would mean more rerolling, but that might put it more in-line with orange weapons, so that instead of being a resource saver, you gain something mroe out of said resources.
Personally my favorite is the idea of a veteran trait slot, that would have rerollable red only-traits, that come with downsides.