More fulfilling Veteran (red) items

I don’t think the current reds will change (much). But for new reds? I could absolutely see them having properties that set them apart. As said, I don’t want them stronger, but benefit + drawback is great in my book.
Like unique items in a well done ARPG, where you might get options you otherwise can’t, sometimes at the cost of drawbacks that will make other people question your sanity. ^^

They’re unique enough as in they have illusions, and perfectly rolled stats. Let’s not make it a “you have a red I don’t therefore you’re better” kind of game. In vt1 some reds were complete garbage while others had trait combinations only accessible to them making them stronger than oranges. But adding more damage or extra traits etcetera to reds would just make it even more of a red grind oriented game and that would only intensify the current debate of low red drop rate, red duplicates and so on.

no no and f no. this game has no gear grind no progress grind (well just a small leveling process) and we have few enough of these already where your sole motive to play is fun.

if your that desperate for work get a/another job!

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