2080 rtx ti crashing

geforce rtx 2080 ti crashing all the time randomly

crashes video drivers in windows as well, requires reboot, underclocking stops driver crash but game still crashes just the same, just doesnt take the drivers with it, no problems with any other games and usually even overclock with msi afterburner.

2 reformat and fresh installs did not fix the problem after many other things including tech support on the card and graphics amp.

GUID: ccd5fcf9-d0ab-44aa-9cff-0c97ae114a3c
Log File:
Info Type:

i have narrowed the problem down a little bit more possibly, the problem completely goes away on medium graphics settings, even when overclocked to the max

Unfortunately the crash data I need to see isn’t available when I look up the GUID, meaning I can’t be sure what was causing your crashes, but I’d suspect a GPU driver or overheating issue based on your description. Try performing a clean re-installation of your GPU drivers, disable your overclocks to see if there’s any improvement (it could be unstable) and check for overheating.

i have already done all of these things, including 2 reformats several different driver versions and the gpu is not overheating, it crashes under normal conditions

it even crashes when underclocked

last crash took place when the gpu was at 50c

did you even read my post?

If I’m honest, no, I somehow only saw your comments afterwards. Could you send me an updated crash report please?

Are you getting crashes at other times and not just Vermintide? Any artifacts on the screen at all?

What you’re describing sounds somewhat like a GPU hardware issue.

no artifacts, game plays great up until crash

GUID: 1d41971e-d668-4d15-8f9d-6720746197f4
Log File:
Info Type:

evga doesn’t believe its the card, i dealt with their customer service today, heaven and 3dmark benchmarks great with everything turned to max, bench marked better than 95% of systems according to 3dmark

one odd thing i notice is that it does not matter what graphics settings i have the game on it runs at the same 115 ish fps, thats different than other games, not sure if it matters

Did you run some long stability test ? To see it’s not stability issue. I mean at least 60 minutes under full load, not few passes in 3d mark etc. (you could use Heaven on loop, without AA)

If so, did you try different driver ?

What are your overclocks like? Both memory and GPU.

This game’s engine is horrible for me too in terms of crashes if I try to push my overclocks a little too far. If I do I’ll get random and inexplicable crashes. It’s like the video driver just takes a dump and it punts me back to desktop. Doesn’t happen after I tweaked my settings a couple of months ago.

Did the crashes start after the introduction of NVIDIA driver 436.02, released on the 20th of August? Worth considering a roll-back if so.

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