Vermintide 2 crashing GTX 970 drivers

I have been playing for hours now and i get random crashes, my video card is a Nvidia GTX 970 with up to date drivers, CPu is a 4790k, and i have 16gigs of ram. I run windows 7 and i currently am actively playing 6 other games and not one of them randomly crashes my video card. What happens is when im playing suddenly during mid battle it causes the driver to crash and disconnect the vid card both monitors go blank and i have to hard restart my pc to get vid card up again. Before anyone points to the card i have run a few tests on it to see if its got any issues and nada, Vid card is running in top form, I have had this happen only in the past with games that had bugs with Nvidia drivers. I will attempt to post my Config.log see if that helps but this seems like a driver issue that Fatshark and nvidia need to figure out. console-2018-12-27-00.53.52-61D1D27C-2700-4DB1-92D2-62E4.log (1.0 MB)

Sounds like unstable overclock or outdated driver. Try to low down GPU/mem freq a bit, for 970 i believe its something like +135/+250 would be stable.

I would recommend trying a clean driver reinstallation. With Nvidia it’s quite easy, the Geforce Experience offers an option to do a “custom” install which cleans out older drivers before installing them again.

Where do you base this from??? first off i dont overclock so noo. and Geforce experience practically forces me to install updated drivers which i do upon release. So it is neither of these for sure.

I will try this again as every other installation of drivers i use this feature to try to keep my driver install clean. Also if it was a driver installation issue would it not show in other instances not just in Vermintide 2 i mean i play many other games and never have this issue even after hours of playing… the last time i saw this issue was on a game where they fixed the issue in the game and it went away. It was an issue with the game itself and the driver.

Not all game calls the same functions as each other, so it’s worth a try.

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console-2018-12-29-14.18.37-8DFC541A-A02E-4002-9704-E02C.log (1.6 MB)
ok so i tried what you suggested i reinstalled my drivers clean. THere was a difference, now instead of it crashing every 2nd or 3rd play it stopped crashing for a day or so i got about 10 or so matches then blamo, today mid multiplayer game it crashed drivers down for the count hard restart required. I have attached the Console log and im 100% convinced this is a engine/driver issue i am hoping a fix is found because these missions are too long to have random crashing ruining it constantly, and i should not have to reinstall my drivers every few days it makes the game a bit unplayable tbh. Thanks for anything you can do at Fatshark.

OK so i was playing again a few times and it crashed again. dunno if this is correct but the console log shows the crash being a runtime crash with the stingray engine, maybe a memory leak in the gpu mem that caused a stack dump, it clearly crashes the ntdll and the kernal32. It seems might have been a problem with a texture in game texture #ID[68deb44df6719acc] either way here is the console.log again seems there is a clearly a problem with the stingray engine here. I see some random tearing in game too. console-2018-12-30-04.03.18-09039ADA-DF53-4119-94D7-9175.log (1.3 MB)

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