Nvidia driver crashing only in Vermintide 2

Hi, I opened a ticket and had no response then it was closed.

Original crash report relating to frequent crashes was -

GUID: 451b0d9a-29ac-4c9e-be18-b8cfbc488860
Log File:
Info Type:

I managed to stop my crashing every game by changing settings related to TDR (https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/discover/37768/nvidia-statement-on-tdr-errors-display-driver-nvlddmkm-stopped-/)

I still get the crashes occasionally though, could I have my error investigated please ? This crash ONLY occurs in Vermintide 2, absolutely no other programs, nor stress testing.

Is there compatibility issues with Vermintide 2 and Nvidia or particular Geforce video cards (670gtx), or maybe particular Windows version ? My system meets all the minimum specs…

I have changed all hardware and experience this crash before and after.

I have done all recommended actions found in other support threads (clean installs etc.).

Some assistance or thoughts would be nice.


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Your crash is still in our database, awaiting inspection by a developer.

Sorry I don’t have an update for you at this time.

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