2021 Repeater Pistolas

I dont get the hate for Just Reward. Must be one of those “never tried it” cases. It shrinks your CD to 30 sec, or less no matter what happens and still allows you to delete cata CWs with a hit to the belly.

You don’t need to worry about not getting the full refresh of double shotted as host. You don’t need to worry about head bobs, unexpected movement, stagger, knockdowns, or a timeframe to aim. Just press F and blast what you aimed at into the aether, and do it again half a minute later.

The only thing you lose is the ability to do those mad concoction monster deletes, which usually only happen when there is enough space for the group to kill a monster via other means.


The problem with Just reward are mainly two things. The CD reduction portion can proc when it is off cooldown, which essentially just removes a ton of it’s intended purpose right off the bat. Secondly, there is no cd indicator, so if you have blessed combat (which let’s face it, everyone does), you are losing proc uptime by not knowing when it’s ready.

Also, it’s hilariously easy to headshot certain specials/elites, which further boosts double shotted because you can just throw it out there for free.

Edit: Not saying just reward is bad though, just that these issues makes it a lot worse than it has to be. 3 procs instead of 2 on average, with a much greater control on when it’s ready, is very significant. I believe i’d use it over double shotted if these things were implemented.

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