2 people playing from home

Issue Description:
My girlfriend and I are trying to play together and we cannot, we can play missions seperately at the same time with no issues, we can even join a strike team together in the MS. However if we try to play a mission together one of us gets into the map and the other gets an error code 2007, 4003 and maybe a couple others. I have tried using a VPN, turning off the UPNP on the router and computers and nothing works. FUnny thing is, we playerd the closed beta without any problems. Then we bought the game to play the pre-order beta and haven’t been able to play together since.


Reproduction Rate:

Sounds like some routing issue. Is one of you able to connect to a mobile data hospot and see if that works?

I went out and got a wifi range extender just to circumvent any potential routing issues. Apparently the modem/router from my ISP was having issues with the game. Strange however considering I have hundreds of other games that never had this problem before.

P.S. it works now.