[] Crash after getting disconnected from host in Hunger in the Dark: Deadlock detected. Update was not called for 15 seconds

In Patch, on two different occasions and with different hosts, I crashed after getting disconnected from the host. Both are in Hunger in the Dark, when I got near and the other, just after the dropdown to the part where you have to push the cart to the bell area to fight the final boss.

Two issues here. 1.) I seem to be getting disconnected when there is a horde at the above-mentioned part. 2.) I crash instead of returning to my keep.

According to the console log. The crash error message for both cases was: “Deadlock detected. Update was not called for 15 seconds. You need to supply a crash dump or a crashify link in the report since the callstack for this crash is irrelevant.”

deadlock_timeout was already set to be 480 in user_settings.config at the time of the crash (deadlock_timeout = 480). It did not take 480 seconds after getting disconnected to crash.

This is the crashify log from the last crash (was not able to copy the first one):

GUID: 6db4a1b9-0989-41cf-b8f3-fc6538be2077
Log File: 
Info Type: 

[Crash Link]:

I was able to play normally and without disconnecting and crashing a couple of games afterward. None of them are in Hunger in the Dark, though.

console-2019-08-10-07.01.14-1101f8a7-9723-477d-aa82-efca074ca343 crash after getting disconnected from host - Hunger.log (519.1 KB)
console-2019-08-10-07.18.24-6dd87558-01d0-4db0-a3db-40959d15df19 crash after getting disconnected from host - Hunger.log (532.7 KB)
crash_dump-2019-08-10-07.01.14-1101f8a7-9723-477d-aa82-efca074ca343.dmp (484.8 KB)
crash_dump-2019-08-10-07.18.24-6dd87558-01d0-4db0-a3db-40959d15df19.dmp (508.6 KB)

Weird one, thanks for letting us know. We’ll check it out.

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This has happened to me a few times as well.

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