Black screen then crash: Deadlock detected. Update was not called for 15 seconds

Was playing as a client in Righteous Stand, legend. Everything was fine not much lag issues - we were almost at the yard leading to the Temple of Sigmar. Until the game freezed into a black screen, then the game crashing a few seconds later. The last thing I remembered was the Waystalker (not me, another player) activating her ability, Trueshot Volley. This seemed similar to an April 2018 crash report where someone reported the same ‘deadlock’ crash also with the Trueshot Valley.

Console log (attached) states: “[Crash] Deadlock detected. Update was not called for 15 seconds. You need to supply a crash dump or a crashify link in the report since the callstack for this crash is irrelevant.”

Crashify didn’t show up after the crash. The crash dump is attached. Note that it was fine before the black screen / Trueshot Valley. I didn’t notice any freezing or lag. The black screen didn’t last for 15 seconds, IIRC. I’ve since changed ‘deadlock_timeout’ in user_settings.config from 15 to 60 as per reading other posts about deadlock crashes.

console-2018-10-13-11.51.54-ACF8FC75-B360-4F55-AD9B-FA18 black screen crash righteous stand legend Trueshot Volley.log (4.1 MB)

crash_dump-2018-10-13-11.51.54-ACF8FC75-B360-4F55-AD9B-FA18.dmp (416.1 KB)

Hello! Have you encountered any other deadlock crashes since changing the deadlock_timeout?

I haven’t encountered any more deadlock crashes after changing deadlock_timeout.

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