Crash - Deadlock Detected

A friend of mine was playing when the game froze and crashed to desktop with no error message. Apparently a Deadlock Detected crash.

When the crash happened, he was playing as Unchained solo with bots on Chaos Wastes with the Coruscation Staff and was spamming fire on the ground. Plague Monks were targeting him.

Here is the console log:
console-2021-07-07-20.01.21-c872acd0-262f-4811-87d8-8d1ddba83741.log (940.2 KB)

And here is the crash dump:
crash_dump-2021-07-07-20.01.21-c872acd0-262f-4811-87d8-8d1ddba83741.dmp (739.2 KB)

I will post here if he crashes like that again.

Thank you for a perfectly clear and concise report! We’ll look in to it. :slight_smile:

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