Game Froze and Crashed due to Unknown Reason

My game froze and crashed due to some unknown reason.
Here’s crash message:

GUID: 6da3a78f-f5ac-4668-8bc2-97768eadb311
Log File:
Info Type:

Console logs:
console-2022-02-18-18.36.06-893c1280-ae11-453e-971d-298db7c3beb6.log (2.7 MB)

Crash dump:
crash_dump-2022-02-18-18.36.06-893c1280-ae11-453e-971d-298db7c3beb6.dmp (910.2 KB)

And dxdiag report (it’s in Russian, be careful): (20.5 KB)

Thank you for attention!

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Hi @Romucha,

Appears to be a Deadlock crash which I suspect could be mod-related. Though, I’m unsure which!

In any case, I’ve added this to our database to look at, just in case it is something on us.

Thanks for the report!


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