Crash on loading to hub after mission

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  1. Finish mission
  2. Get yeeted to windows

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[Steam/Microsoft Store]

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Constant (100%)
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console-2022-12-04-11.44.15-5a124fd8-5206-4f2c-b5bd-8e0560a05759.log (175.1 KB)

Crash after every single mission while loading to hub. In log appears “12:12:07.033 <>Deadlock detected. Update was not called for 15 seconds. You need to supply a crash dump or a crashify link in the report since the callstack for this crash is irrelevant.<>”
As i found it happend in vt2 to people but people could change ‘deadlock_timeout’ in user_settings.config but there is no such parameter in darktide user settings.

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We’re looking in to this. Thank you.