1.0.8 is even worse on the overheating my comp than the previous versions

I really like this game but its so frustrating when I can run every other game capped out enemies (minecraft capped enemies, 7days to die screen full of zombies, etc) and it doesn’t even raise the temp noticeably at all. I just turn on this game and I can notice my comp to feel like a sauna. It sucks when you goto play this game and start worrying is my comp gonna crash due to overheating.

Are you meeting minimum specs?

Liquid cooled? If so, check your fluid.

Yup yup. The only thing ive found to work somewhat good (except screen stuttering sometimes) is putting it on worker threads 7. Which is weird to me since I was running on worker thread 6 and was still having an overheat issue.

no, normal heat sink.

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Can you post your DxDiag?
Are you running Dx11 or Dx12?

I had this issue in dx 12 at 1440p highest settings, I dropped down to 1080p high settings and everything seemed normal. I found the game runs weird above 1080p.

I’m running a ryzen 5 1600x
16gb ram

My cooling is on point but i am noticing a lot more cpu usage with the beta patch for some reason , no idea why

What videocard are you using? I have a GTX 960 and was having trouble running the game for a while, I had hard feezes and even full computer crashes. After some research I found that NVIDIA added a small automatic overclock feature in their drivers, which is what caused problems for me, because I think it made the card reach the top of my power supply. So, what I did was going in the NVIDIA driver’s software, click on the “Help” tab and then tick “Debug Mode”. That feature removes the automatic overclocking. Since then, I’m running the game on high graphics settings with no problem whatsoever. “Debug Mode” has to be always active though.


Sounds like you need to upgrade your PC.

like… badly… lol!

Use the R key by default to vent


dx12 (tried 11 and had even more overheat issues)

Nvid gtx 1070
AMD Ryzen 5 1600
8gb RAM

also I should state when I say overheat I mean my tower feels very very warm. When I run hwinfo my cpu/gpu max on anything appears to be 67C

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