Zealot Saintly Mendicant's Vestments armour candle light

Please, revert to the original lighting, it was so cool for real, i don’t think could cause issue performance wise, it was very cool.
consider to revert it back please

Turned down the light emitted by the Zealot. The Zealot calmed down, and their overly bright aura will serve as a flashlight no longer.

or make this type of light, available for the people that use Global illumination set to High
And for the people that don’t want it, or have performance problems, they can disable it setting to low or off in the light source options.

now there’s no light more

it could be cool functioning as flashlight for the teammates and was cool as cosmetic for zealot fitting a lot…

perhaps original lighting if you set global illumination set to high…

The Light from the Impure

would be cool to have it back, perhaps if you activate ray tracing or setting global illumination set to high
while if low or medium, it will disappear
please consider to put it back how it was originally